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Under the PRINTING Tab, you specify the printers and fonts used by AECfa to print show documentation. Settings for both the Default Printer and the NCR Printer need to be made. After selecting your NCR Printer, choose a 12 cpi NCR Font  for the judging sheets and master clerk catalog. This allows the documents to be printed more quickly than if you select a Tru-Type font when using a Dot-matrix printer. If you are using laser NCR paper, select the Laser NCR button and select the appropriate printer and any font.

 Page Header Font

 Class Header Font

Highlight Font

 Body Font

Laser/Inkjet Printer Font

 NCR Printer

NCR Font

While AECfa allows you to use any printer/font available on your computer, there are some practical considerations.

Some fonts require more space per character than others. Selecting one of these fonts (or specifying too large a font size) can result in not having enough space on a page to print its contents. You will just have to determine this by trial and error.

The defaults shown here produce a compact show documents that looks good and are easy to read.
To reset to the default fonts and magrins, click either or both Default buttons.

Generally you should not use too many fonts on the same page. However, if you want to emphasize the cat's name in the catalog, try using a different Highlight Font.

The fonts and font sizes you select control the size of the printed catalog and the number of judging sheets.
Some fonts require considerably more space at a given font size.

See Using Fonts.

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