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AECfa 1.11


 In the  Fees Tab , you provide details of all prices for the show. A default set of fees is initially provided but you can change, add or delete fees. You also optionally setup banking information for the clubs bank account here to allow AECfa to print deposit slips. If your show accepts online PayPal payments, the fees charged by PayPal can be setup here to allow the cost of using PayPal to be included in the Financial Summary report.

Getting the Fees setup correctly is CRITICAL to having accurate financial and BENCHING information. AECfa uses the fees charged to an exhibitor to determine benching space assigned to an exhibitor!

ChereveSoft provides as a free Setup Review service to ensure that your show goes smoothly. Simply use the Help->Support Request menu item and ask for a Setup Review!

Fees requiring special attention when setting up your show are:

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